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No Hand Print Oil Sand Glass---The New Favorite Of The Cabinet Market

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At present, competition in all walks of life is increasingly branded, standardized, and informatized, and cabinet companies are no exception.


    At present, competition in all walks of life is increasingly branded, standardized, and informatized, and cabinet companies are no exception. In order to win more favors from consumers, they have made great efforts in marketing methods, technology, and innovation. Among them, the idea of using hand-printed oil sand glass as a glass door panel has been widely praised by consumers for its unique performance, and has become the new favorite of the cabinet market.


 1.oil-resistant, no fingerprints, anti-scratch, completely bid farewell to the era of cabinet glass

    Wooden cabinet door panels and traditional jade door panels, such as a soot in the kitchen, stained with oil and fingerprints is inevitable, but it is particularly troublesome to clean. If you accidentally get a piece of the weapon, even the newly renovated kitchen will not be able to maintain the "pose" of the United States and the United States for a long time. But no fingerprint oil sand glass can solve all the above problems. The large amount of frosted particles uniformly distributed on the surface of the glass can well decompose the oil stains and traces of hand sweat, that is, the use of the blade to draw and leave, leaving no trace, greatly reducing the trouble of the traditional cabinet door panel difficult to clean.


2.the new visual experience of shining light under the light, cooking is also a pleasure

    The surface of the glass is full of three-dimensional frosted particles, which perfectly retains the unique elegance of the frosted sand, and fits the modern people's spiritual pursuit of fashion and nature. Especially in the light, such as the stars shattering in the sky, giving the cabinet door more fresh and lively vitality. In such an environment, you can make a meal for your loved one, even if you are busy, you should enjoy it. molding, easy to learn and easy to learn, to help you easily master the core technology

    The traditional oil sand glass production process needs to be treated twice, the solution smells large, the time is long, the efficiency is low, the cost is high, and the scratch resistance is general. Complex operations have discouraged many processing plants that are eager to increase profit margins through innovation. The non-printed oil sand powder launched by our R&D team can be molded in one treatment, which saves the cost of frosting and significantly improves the production efficiency and improves the production and labor environment of workers.


    Innovation is the source of a company's vitality. I believe that in this era of fast fish and slow fish, no hand-printed oil sand glass will become a new highlight for cabinet companies to win the market and establish their own reputation.


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