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Anti-glare glass

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【AG glass, screen glass project introduction】

Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd., located at the foot of
Songshan and beside the Yellow River, is a high-tech private
enterprise integrating R & D,production, sales and processing.
The main products are glass-surface chemical etching
material "Frosting Glass" and AG etching process. In 2011, we
started screen glass processing project which mainly deals with AG glass of TV, cellphone, writing board and office desk with thickness of 2mm, 1mm,0.7 mm, 0.5mm and other glass
substrates of different materials.

At present, focusing on Corning AG Corning glass processing,
processed glass and ordinary glass compared to the biggest
features: can reduce glare,
improve image clarity, thereby
enhancing the clarity of the image display. AG uniform,
according to the customer It is required to process AG glass
with different transmittance, gloss and haze. We provide
advanced technology, independent intellectual property and
patented technology.

【AG glass, screen glass】

AG products are processed through a special chemical process, which is characterized by the reduction of ambient
light interference, improve the viewing angle of the display
screen to reduce the screen reflective, and can do intensive


Treated glass and ordinary glass compared to the biggest
characteristic is: the glass transmittance increased to about
90%, the glass surface light reflectivity reduced to about 1%,
light transmittance of more than 80%, the gloss of more than
60%. Even in the light irradiation can ensure that people
from any angle can clearly see the screen behind the screen.
And about 90% of the light transmittance can make the
picture clearer, more full color,softer light, so that people
enjoy another visual feast, but also to ease the eye fatigue.

The scope of application Used for mobile phone screen, TV
screen, computer screen, whiteboard, tablet PC and other
display glass.


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