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Jade sand glass frosting powder

basic information

【product description】

YK-I type Frosting glass to sulfuric acid as a medium, with the use of. For a variety of bottles and other glass products
Frosting. Advanced technology, simple operation, frosted

effect can be adjusted according to user requirements.


10kg Frosting powder plus cold water 3kg, stir in a plastic
container, with a concentration of more than 90% of
industrial sulfuric acid solution PH value
adjusted to 2.0-1.0 (with 0.5-5.0 precision test strip test), stir
well after use.

【Production process】

Clean glass products → immersion frosted liquid (1-3 minutes)
Remove → clean water → washing liquid washing → rinse →

【Production Precautions】

1, Frosting fluid must be prepared in plastic or metal container after antiseptic treatment.

2, the use of rubber gloves should be worn to prevent burns
the skin, if inadvertently contact with the skin, should be
promptly rinsed with water.

3, the glass surface must be clean, can not have debris.

4, the amount of sulfuric acid should be adjusted depending
on the glass material, you must add water and add sulfuric

5, Frosting fluid to be mixed before use, stamped when not in storage.

6, Frosting fluid use for a period of time, should be added
Frosting powder and sulfuric acid.

7, if a non-uniform frosting, can be cleaned twice Frosting.

8, do not make frosting liquid into the glass container, once inflow, rinse immediately with water.

9, wastewater discharge, can add lime and.


Frosting powder should be placed in dry and ventilated place, to prevent damp.





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Jade sand glass frosting powder
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